Virtual Learning with Highest Credential

One-on-One tutor to help you on your Homework and Project.

1 Hr. Virtual Learning Live Stream

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Improve your grade with live interactive virtual learning with your educator with higher credentials can trust. Our mission is to improve your focus into become successful and train your mind to learn virtually with your one-on-one instructor. who is highly qualified educator leading with the heart with a passion to mentor you to become successful through the process of developmental skills and enhance your talents with strategic planning acknowledge your needs to achieve and prepare you for higher education and for your future career.. 

* Additional charge may apply for travel time. 


Community Service

Will pick you up or drop you for a flat fee. 5 Mile Radius

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A unique way to save time, schedule your ride for a flat fee. $20.00 within five mile radius. Additional charge may apply per miles. Book you ride in advance and our office will contact you to confirm prior to arrival. 


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Patience is Kind

Professional Recoginization

We influence our member to reach their potential to higher education and enhance knowledge by knowing more is better that great.
Our virtual instructor continue of making a difference of sharing knowledge through mentoring services learning virtually on specific subjects such as mathematics, reading, writing, social studies, science, and research through practice and assessments.
Medical trained and national certified. Sharing expertise to all our members.
National certified with annual continuous professional development through research.
Certified to save people's lives.
Granted and received endorsement from the Palm Beach County School - Professional Conscious Discipline Series.

Empowerment - Every student reserve the rights in education

Tell your story. Have you been a victim of bullying while in school? You'll be surprise! Based on my experience, children are more vulnerable to get written up and get suspended without solid evidence by those who supposed to teach them and administrators who supposed to keep the school climate safe and welcoming. Digital learning is an effective communication and one of the factors as part of the evidence. Promoting equality in education.

Toileting expert.


toileting training


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A unique innovated way to invest on your child education. Preparation for toileting is very important to their success. To be ready to attend in a group class. Learning and developing skills in social contextual processes through motor skill and cooperativeness. Toilet readiness is very important in child behavioral process and their well being. Building their self-esteem for independence so the child can focus onto learning and pay attention to what is important to them to become successful. Book your appointment and schedule includes two hours of training per month. Note: Children learn in various ways for new skill and development. It will save you time and money. The current charge will be based on the child's progression and abilities through assessment process.  Enroll today.