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Cristina Rayos, M.Ed, Inc. Is proudly sponsored Grade-5 Gifted Student, Sophia Lina Carmona, for her hard work and dedication to her studies. She has an amazing mind and genuinely smart. Our company is continuously support her well-being and quality in educational process. She has been an honor student throughout for all consecutive years of study. She loves research in science that evolves in mathematics, writing and kayaking to unwind. Sophia posses a leadership quality and economics. 

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Communication - Discussion - Solution - Results

Communication - Discussion - Solution - Results

Communication - Discussion - Solution - Results

We are team of professionals that cares inclusively through intervention and well-being of every student and members of their families.


Development - Analytic - Decision Making

Communication - Discussion - Solution - Results

Communication - Discussion - Solution - Results

We provide professional consultation with dignity and pride and value your state of mine and well-being.  It will aligned with certain group of professionals to navigate and develop a strategic planning to achieve academic goals and well-being of every member through research and practice.


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Communication - Discussion - Solution - Results

Enhance Your Interest in Reading and Writing Using Technology

Our company is unique that provides professional services in various types of responsibilities to meet our client's goals rigorously and partners with professional team that aligns with our services with validity abound contract agreements.


Enhance Your Interest in Reading and Writing Using Technology

Endorsement: The School District of Palm Beach County Conscious Discipline Team Leaders

Enhance Your Interest in Reading and Writing Using Technology

Promoting Equality in Education. Our members have access to required materials and resources such as one-on-one virtual guidance with he instructor.


Endorsement: The School District of Palm Beach County Conscious Discipline Team Leaders

Endorsement: The School District of Palm Beach County Conscious Discipline Team Leaders

Endorsement: The School District of Palm Beach County Conscious Discipline Team Leaders

Promoting conscious discipline beyond the typical classroom.

Connect opportunities serving every student's enhancing growth mindset in digital learning.

SMART Digital Teacher Certified

Endorsement: The School District of Palm Beach County Conscious Discipline Team Leaders

Endorsement: The School District of Palm Beach County Conscious Discipline Team Leaders

Thank you for taking the step through participation and discover your new skills and talent. We value you for being a member and for taking the first step in the process pursuing your goals of accomplishments.

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Students that needs an extra help to develop new skills and enhance their opportunities to the next grade level. 

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2019 Lynn University Double Fighting KNIGHTS!

Interest is a Decision Making Process - Enhance it Through Reading More and Learn through Action.

 Recent Graduate with Honor in Master of Education Degree Specialized in K-12 with GPA 4.0. Early Childhood Conscious Discipline with continuous professional development at the School District of Palm Beach County. I pursue higher education to help every student succeed. As a role model for others and lead by example with a lifelong learning experiences. In which, is more likely to influence others to make a difference through education. I was recognized successfully with completion of the Masters in Education in Leadership (M.Ed.) Specialized in K-12. I have been serving the School District of Palm Beach County in Florida for over five years and continue to serve as a public servant representing the public good in link and in part of educational system serving over 1,000 students at a local school community in Delray Beach, Florida. I was born in a remote island in the Philippines. Through my dedication and hard work I was conferred and graduated from Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL and declared a successful completion in the undergraduate program in psychology. Through effective communication, collaboration, and feedback it gave me insight to full resources and I was declared through the graduation process and earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology at Lynn University. I also graduated with honor with Associate Science Degree in Healthcare Services Administration, honored as a National Certified Medical Assistant Technician while I possess strong passion for economics and successfully graduated in education Specialized in Real Estate, Mortgage Broker, Life & Health Insurance & Variable Annuity, and Cosmetology. My strong suit is organization and analyzing data for improvement, feedback in time management through effective collaboration using the modern technology and sensitive to time utilization and networking using social media, and focus on solutions. I am a member of International Honor Society of Kappa Delta Pi and National Honor Society. Professional, U.S. Certified AED, First Aid, CPR for Geriatric and Pediatric, Member of Association for Positive Behavior Support and American Psychological Association. Lifelong member of public education union. Successfully complete conscious discipline cohort series.


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Believe in yourself! Positive thinking attracts knowledge.

Congratulations!!! M.Ed., Lynn University, Graduation, May 11, 2019.

Failure is not an option. Genuine knowledge leads to accomplishments. Explore and Pursue Yours! Invest into your education.

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Doing more movements - Leads to good health.

Self-Care is very important part of who we become.

Learning self-care essentials-Personal Grooming

Education requires dedication and devotion. Continue To Read


Believe! make the impossible, possible.

Cristina Rayos, M.Ed, inc. Educational services consultant

Cristina Rayos, M.Ed, inc. Educational services consultant

Cristina Rayos, M.Ed, inc. Educational services consultant

As a leader leading with the heart dignifies one's moral values and is ethically responsible for other's well-being in which is proven to be effective to enhance skills and knowledge with extensive support through education and team of professionals. The human brain can enhance many possibilities and works better when we believe in others potentials by utilizing their capabilities with experience and talents. - Cristina Rayos, M.Ed, Inc.


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Personal Ethics

Cristina Rayos, M.Ed, inc. Educational services consultant

Cristina Rayos, M.Ed, inc. Educational services consultant


As a leader, I believe in   doing the right thing and being true to myself towards making the difference in the people’s lives. Become responsible to influence all diverse population with dignity, honoring every person’s values and self-worth by pursuit of the fact supporting of truth and their dreams through higher education and to achieve their own educational goals with pride. Strive to maintain positive outcome to reach to their highest potential in exploring digital learning using technology and learning abroad while enrolled in class, learning through practice and experiments while maintaining awareness and safety to sustain with the highest regards in code of ethics and values with continuous support to our community while fulfilling our obligations to all students, organizations, the community and to the public. I must continue to protect all students and staff and promote safety and serve with devotion that influence the people through interpersonal and professional relationship through positive and ethical behavioral approach with dignity and morality. Promoting effective communications in multi-dimension through feedback influencing higher education using technology with implementation and innovation on how we can all serve better to help all students to become   successful and prepare them for life.

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Cristina Rayos, M.Ed, inc. Educational services consultant



Promote innovated education   by recognizing the values of all diverse student populations being taught by   diverse highly qualified eductors in respect to their cultural beliefs,   values, and through assessments of their knowledge and develop curriculum to   enhance their potential through innovation using advanced technology in   school and beyond the classroom through digital learning and effective   communication that evolves leaders, teachers, students, parents, and families   to participate and mandate the importance of effective collaboration through   digital communication and by providing students and their parents the tools   and resources by becoming aware of equality in education and representation for   them including all applicable services, and materials with effective delivery   of all documents that translates to the language that they will understand.   Promote safety and cultural learning environment in supporting students with   various disabilities and exceptionalities to become successful using digital   learning through innovation in education   providing all services with dignity while obeying to all safety regulations,   policies, and all applicable laws. 




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